A Casa

The House
Duration | 15 minutes

Can a house be called as such if there is no one inside to inhabit it? A house awaits bodies that occupy it, that make it a refuge, an extension, a piece of land. This house, it was already there, inherited from others – antique furniture, wallpapers pasted on top of each other. Houses survive people. Perhaps they will become museums, large-scale fossils, cinema decor. We wanted to respect what we found and film what happened. Four days, seven dancers and the pandemic surrounding us, withering our movements in the world. Inside, the choreography had space and echo, it was inscribed on the walls as on the skin, intimacy was still possible. Hostesses await their guests, prepared as they are for the party – parties are distractions, moments of fantasy, a place of eroticism and seduction. Each one wants to see themselves up close, to recognize themselves, to let themselves be seen by others, so that they feel that they are still people… Outside, the forest grows, ghosts are knocking on the windows right now. The house is still there. Sara Carinhas | 21 February 2021

Olga Roriz
Catarina Câmara, Connor Scott, Emanuel Santos, Marta Lobato Faria, Melissa Cosseta, Natalia Lis, Yonel Serrano
Assistente de realização, câmara e montagem/Direction assistant, camera and edition
João Rapozo
Lee Fuseta, João Rapozo, João Costa
Correção de cor/Color Grading
Lee Fuzeta
João Hasselberg
Assistentes de produção/Production Assistants
Bruno Alves, Ricardo Domingos
Assistentes estagiárias/Interns Assistents
Clara Bourdin e Ieva Bražėnaitė
Companhia Olga Roriz
Centro Cultural de Belém, Teatro Aveirense, Câmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo /
Teatro Sá de Miranda
Nômada Lisboa, DuplaCena, Maison Nuno Gama
Agradecimentos/Gratitude to
Henrique Pina, Valter Franco, Violeta Lisboa, Sara Carinhas

AUTÓPSIA | Percurso de uma criação

AUTOPSY | The path of a creation
Duration | 50 minutes

Signed by director Henrique Pina, the documentary film about the creative process of Autopsy, creation (2019) by Companhia Olga Roriz, unveils the path of construction of a choreographic language, genesis of the first ideas until establishing, through choreography, a meaning, a narrative, a concept. The spectator is led to follow this path, following the elements that embody this process throughout its four months of trials and preparations. In this film, the strong connection between the choreographer and her interpreters – this unique aspect of Olga Roriz’s way of working is the basis for several sequences explored in the documentary, from works of improvisation to dialogues between the performers and the choreographer about concepts that assume a fundamental presence in their lives.

Henrique Pina
Director Lee Fuzeta
Camera Operators
Lee Fuzeta, Daniela Manaças
Sound Operator
Toninho Neto
Sound Edition
André G. Mendes
Color Grading
João Sanchez
João Pedro Duarte
Companhia Olga Roriz