Companhia Olga Roriz

The company, founded in 1995 with the financial support of Portuguese Ministry of Culture / Arts Institute and directed by the choreographer Olga Roriz, has been a reference of professional and artistic quality in contemporary dance at a national and international level, during the past twenty years.

What characterizes and distinguishes the Olga Roriz Company from all other, is the inseparable connection to the fact that it´s an author’s Company, and that same author, for the past 40 years, has created a vast work with an identity, style, an energetic and imaginative, differentiated and distinctive source.

The performances of Olga Roriz Company are fabric from a rich combination of elements, which have the faculty of exercising the audience with meanings, reason and imagination, as well as with a reflection about themes, that being current, create automatic complicities.

All the author’s work arises charged with metaphors and images which bring together the mundane and the original, love and absence, life and death, tragedy and humour, and where the ugliness doesn´t disguise itself but appears to the sight with a raw beauty and simplicity.

The method of Olga Roriz and the boldness of her works, since the beginning of her career until nowadays, have had the merit of questioning the role of contemporary dance, leading to the reflexion of its boundaries, structures and goals.

Olga Roriz (Director, Dancer and Choreographer)

Olga Roriz was born in the North of Portugal, had an artistic training in dance in the course of S. Carlos National Theatre Dance School with Ana Ivanova and in the course of Lisbon National Conservatory Dance School.

From 1976 to 1992, she has integrated the Gulbeinkian Ballet cast under the direction of Jorge Salavisa, where she was the first dancer and the main choreographer.

She worked with renowned choreographers such as: Alvin Nokolais, Jiri Kylián, Louis Falco, HansVan Manen, Vasco Wellemkamp, Karine Saporta, Lar Lubovitch, Peter Sparling, Elisa Monte and Christopher Bruce.

In 1992, she took the lead of the Lisbon’s Dance Company artistic direction. In 1995 she founded the Olga Roriz Company, in which she is both director and choreographer. Her dance, theatre and video repertoire is formed by more than ninety works.

She has created and re-established works to several national and international companies, among them the Gulbeinkan Ballet, National Ballet Company (Portugal), Ballet Teatro Guaira (Brazil), Monte Carlo Ballets (Monaco), National Ballet Company (Spain), English National Ballet (England), American Repertory Ballet (USA), Maggio Danza and Alla Scala (Italy).

Internationally her works were presented in the main European capitals, as well as in USA, Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Cape Verde, Senegal, Thailand, Macao, Mozambique and South Korea.

She has a vast path in creation and movement in Theatre and Opera. In the video area she directed three films and several of her works are edited in DVD by the Real Films production, directed by Rui Simões. An extensive biography about her life and work was published by Assírio&Alvim publisher and written by Mónica Guerreiro.

Since 1982, Olga Roriz is distinguished with relevant awards, both nationally as internationally. Among these it stands out the 1º Prize of The Dance Contest in Osaka, Japan (1988), The Dance Choreography Award of the London Time Out Magazine (1993), Almada Award (2004), Commendation with The Order of Infante D.Henrique insignia – Grand Officer by the President of the Republic (2004), Portuguese Society of Authors and Milleniumbcp Grand Prize (2008), Latinidade Award (2012), among others equally important.