Pas d´agitation

Premieres on March 25th, 2022 at the Garcia de Resende Theatre, Évora
A Co-production with Saison France-Portugal 2022

This piece was originally commissioned from the choreographer Olga Roriz, to build an artistic object for the Louvre Museum, for the inauguration of the France-Portugal 2022 Season.
Pas d’agitation, originally created for non-conventional spaces, is a dance and live video installation-performance, featuring four dancers and a visual artist.
A key theme of the Season, The Sea/Oceans, was the inspiration for this performance, informing the entire visual and sound environment. The images are from the spectacular São Miguel island coast, in the Azores.

The centre of the Earth
Stone beings from the depths of the Seas
Beings forgotten for centuries in the deep, calm waters
Eternity. Immovable, seducing the world.
Stories lost against the cliffs.
The beginning and the end, like life and death.
Like mermaids who destroy desire in a submerged dream.
The Sea or the abyss, even unto the gods formidable.
Ever moving, ever transitory.
Waves…and waves…and waves…
Olga Roriz | Oct.21

Conception and Direction Olga Roriz
Co-creators and performers Beatriz Dias, Catarina
Câmara, Marta Lobato Faria, Sara Carinhas
Soundtrack Olga Roriz, João Rapozo
Music Amnésia Scanner, Einaudi, Loscil, Ólafur Arnalds, Monolake, Henry Górecki, Richard Skelton
Text For the restitution of the Magma – Manifesto of the revolutionary artistic group of the Venezuelan Avant-Garde « El Techo de la Ballena » 1961-1969
Video conception João Rapozo, Olga Roriz
Vídeo Editing and live performance João Rapozo
Light Design, Drone and underwater vídeo capture Cristina Piedade
Costumes Olga Roriz, João Rapozo
Rehearsal assistant Inês Gonfer
Technical direction and light operation João Chicó
Sound Setup and Operation Sérgio Milhano, Pontozurca

Six months later (Seis meses depois)

Premiere 18th, 19h and 20th September 2020 Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

We walk from timelessness to timelessness, in a heavenly space between movie screens.
The resilience of the bodies holding hands recovers places in the distance, in a gift that escapes between the feet.
“Six months later”, entropy hangs in all the particles. Everything frozen! We have already died, or we will die. We will be brief as the first breath we swallowed at birth. We levitate or get confused with the roots of dense forests. No matter where we are, whether in the air or at sea, the molecules are still lost. We mean the gesture between strong colors, flashes and darkness. We want to tear the walls that separate us and project ourselves into a field of poppies as far as the eye can see, immeasurable, immeasurable, as in that dream where none of us wanted to wake up. We can create the apocalypse, make Autopsy the only habitable place on the planet and in 1, 2, 3 how many, watch the giant wave go up to the highest crane and stay there forever in the isolation of memory. Goodbye solar system.
In 37 hours, 4 minutes and 12 seconds the Earth will collide with Jupiter. And there goes the microcosms and macrocosms, the atom, the molecule, the protons and the neutrons. There goes quantum physics to epigenetics and more of Dr. Bayar’s sweets. There go homeotic genes, orthomolecular medicine and electromagnetic radiation.
There will be no Chakra to help us or coherence to save us.
There will be no genetic key to open any more doors for us.
Goodbye humanity.

Olga Roriz | 23 Nov. 2019

In “Autopsy” we reflected on the negative impact that human beings have been causing to the planet, “Six months later” he starts to reflect on the humanity that endures in each of us, despite the fact that society consumes us, formatting and massify. In the near future, whether human, semi-gods or heroes, we imagine our existence in seven characters at random. Tony Fargo 77, Zhora Fuji, Naoki 21, Dawnswir, Gael Bera Falin, Kepler 354 and Priscilla Noir are a kind of clones that inhabit the city of Tannhauser, the year is 2307 on planet Earth 3.

Olga Roriz |10 Dec. 2019


Direction Olga Roriz
Performers André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Catarina Câmara, Bruno Alves, Bruno Alexandre, Francisco Rolo, Marta Lobato Faria, Yonel Serrano
Music selection Olga Roriz and João Rapozo
Video and audio post-production João Rapozo
Scenography and costumes Olga Roriz and Ana Vaz
Light design Cristina Piedade
Video conception Olga Roriz and João Rapozo
Video and audio post-production João Rapozo
Creation assistant Catarina Câmara
Scenography and costume assistant Daniela Cardante
Rehearsal assistant trainees Ana de Oliveira e Silva and Andreia Alpuim
Light and video setup and operation João Chicó/Contrapeso
Sound setup and operation PontoZurca


Autopsy (Autópsia)

Premiere 1st, 2nd and 3th November 2019, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisboa

The planet is in a horrific condition.
Everything we love is about to die.
Everything is about to die.
Distress comes in waves of pain and mourning.
The abandoned places remain where the body is excluded from comprehension,. Places of memory open to other events, places of mutation waiting for a transformed existence.
And after the avalanche how fragile everything is!
Everything is there in front of us, but there are stories that are not written anywhere. Things made of nothing … Frustrated singularities.
Dissect the bad feeling of each of us. Kill each of one us. Autopsyatus.
The repetition … the repetition … the repetition … without end as waves, as life and death or birth and death, day and night …
The pains.

Olga Roriz | Jan. 2019

 Olga Roriz
Performers André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Bruno Alves, Catarina Câmara, Francisco Rolo, Marta Lobato Faria
Music selection Olga Roriz, João Rapozo
Light design Cristina Piedade
Video conception Olga Roriz, João Rapozo
Video and audio post-production João Rapozo
Creation assistant Bruno Alexandre
Scenography and costume assistant Kristīne Daukšte
Rehearsal assistant trainees Andreia Serrada, Marta Jardim, Catarina Camacho
Light and video setup and operation João Chicó/Contrapeso
Sound setup and operation PontoZurca

Syndrome (Síndrome)

Premiere 30th June, 1st and 2nd July 2017, São Luiz Teatro Municipal
“Syndrome” follows the piece “Before the Elephants get killed” (Antes que matem os Elefantes) transforming it into a new space, lonely and individual, involved on a utopian atmosphere as a suspension of reality, in search of what has been forgotten, what has been lost.
Living up for the truth, the expectations, the aspirations and disappointments. The conventions are barred, and from that place is made another, or just a stage to exist as such in a relationship between the human being, the time, the space and the matter.
In those bodies the affections are rebuilt, the world is imprinted in the gaze, in the face, in the body and in the words, towards other ways of feeling.

Olga Roriz | 17th May 2017

Direction Olga Roriz
Performers André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Bruno Alexandre, Bruno Alves, Carla Ribeiro, Francisco Rolo, Marta Lobato Faria
Music Selection Olga Roriz and João Rapozo
Scenic space and costumes Olga Roriz
Light Design Cristina Piedade
Dramaturgic Assistance Sara Carinhas
Audio post-production João Rapozo
Assembly and light operation João Chicó/Contrapeso
Assembly and sound operation PontoZurca
Scenography assistance Maria Ribeiro